💰$CRT tokens

Dive into the multi-level tokenomics of Meta Camel Racing Club with your own $CRT token and support for NFTs.

Tokenomics is one of the fundamental elements of any blockchain-based project, including play-and-earn games. Meta Camel Racing Club is no exception, so advanced tokenomics is at the core of the gameplay.

The game economy is built on the $CRT token, created on the EVM-based blockchain, to simplify interaction among players.

$CRT token is used for:

  • Rewarding players in competitions

  • Replenishing camel energy

  • Minting new NFT assets

  • Upgrading your assets

  • Marketing

The token maintains the stability of the gaming economy by providing secure, anonymous, and fast intra-network transactions between players.

In addition to the token, tokenomics involve NFT assets generated by various achievements, missions, and character development. All the assets and the token will be freely available for sale.

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