👋What is Meta Camel Racing Club?

Welcome to the exciting play-and-earn game Meta Camel Racing Club! This Litepaper will take you on a great journey through the game's world, introducing its characters, gameplay, tokenomics, and more.

Camel racing is a multi-billion dollar industry, highly supported in the UAE and Saudi Arabia. It is a sport of wealthy people, as they usually own dozens of camels and prices for camels start from about $10,000, but prices for winning camels can reach $300-500,000.

The race is a well-organized event with large crowds in attendance. The sport draws many spectators eager to witness the intense competition.

For everyone to enjoy the spectacle of camel racing, we created the game Meta Camel Racing Club!

Meta Camel Racing Clubis a blockchain-based game that aims to transfer camel racing into metaverse, connecting cultural heritage and modern technology.

Meta Camel Racing Club aims to popularise camel racing as a big part of the culture of Gulf countries and, at the same time to build the foundation for full Metaverse - EastVerse.

Main gameplay features:

  • Training mode - fun and free to play;

  • Marketplace - access to trade camels and jockey bots, upgrades;

  • Camel rent - players can rent NFT Camels using $CRT tokens;

  • Energy - every camel has energy, which is consumed in races;

  • Breeding - combine two existing camels of different genders and get a new unique camel;

  • Mystery Boxes - provide an opportunity for players to get random camels, upgrades, $CRT tokens, and more;

  • Weekly tournaments - the winners get prizes in $CRT tokens;

  • Monthly or special events - the winners receive tokens, mystery boxes, and other loot rewards;

  • Self-driven marketing - hippodrome owners have incentives to promote

    their own races and build their own marketing strategies.

Key components of the game are Camel Farms, Camels, Jockey Bots, Hippodromes, Falcons, Guilds, and $CRT and $CBT tokens.

Camel Farm is the player's home page, where the game starts. The farm is given by default, and inside the farm, the player can store camels, take care of animals, and breed them.

Players can buy, sell and upgrade NFT camels, participating in races. Races occur in the format of asynchronous multiplayer.

To participate in the race, not only camels are needed, but also Jockey Bots. Players can buy, sell and upgrade NFT Jockey Bots as well. Bots are used to control camels during the race.

The entire tokenomics is based on blockchain, which ensures transparency and reliability of transactions as well as data storage and protection.

All mentioned above is complemented by beautiful next-generation graphics, an elaborate UI and UX interface, high performance, and cross-platform. It's a dream of many play-and-earn game lovers!

Well, let's move to a more detailed review of the market and game universe of Meta Camel Racing Club!

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